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Ming Ming

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Ming Ming” is a famous dumpling dinner that’s been quietly built far back from Akasaka Elementary School.
The restaurant has been introduced on TV, and it is said that it was the first restaurant to advocate the style of eating dumplings with vinegar and pepper.
It’s usually a very crowded restaurant, so we went in early.


I thought I arrived pretty early, but there were quite a few customers in the store.


ドラゴンチャーハン 750円

焼き餃子 600円

水餃子 600円

炒餃子 600円


As you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, there is a lot on the menu.
The main course is gyoza, and the curry is also famous. I’ve heard that there are a lot of people asking for fried rice, so there are a lot of things I want to eat!




The glass is frozen tight and delicious! Cold beer does it justice, doesn’t it?
Then, I ordered all kinds of gyoza for the time being. Also, a few snacks.


This is the appetizer, miso with green onion, kimchi and fried garlic.
They all go well with the beer and are delicious!


And intestinal stuffing. Sausage. Is it a homemade sausage with a strong flavor and it’s delicious.


The first one to come was the water dumplings.
The soup tastes like ramen soup and it’s good! The skin is sticky and preppy. And it’s a big dumpling with a lot of ingredients inside. I was thinking that 600 yen for gyoza is a lot of money, but I was satisfied with the volume. The garlic is also good to listen to.


And a new cabbage round-nabe meat.
The cabbage is tender and sweet and delicious! The taste is strong but not too spicy. It’s a sweet and delicious one-pot dish. The seasoning makes you want to eat rice.


And finally.

Meet the grilled dumplings. The dumplings are large and sticky.
Of course, it is served with vinegar and pepper.


Hmmm. It’s delicious.
The sourness and zest of the peppers is very delicious. The grilled dumplings are juicy and juicy. The crispy bottom and sticky texture are the best.


It’s so good that it will certainly become famous.
The filling is coarsely ground and there is garlic in it, so it goes really well with beer. It’s delicious.

We also ordered fried dumplings because of the effort.


The crispy fried skin is crispy at first, but the inside is chewy, so it’s delicious. This one might be better with soy sauce. It goes well with beer anyway.

And I also ordered a curry. I had seen an article somewhere that it is good to combine fried gyoza and curry, so I put it into practice and it is delicious again. The curry has a gentle taste, close to the curry at Shanghien. It’s a good curry with a good broth.


And last but not least, dragon fried rice.
It’s a pretty big portion, so be careful when ordering!


Anyway, the chives and garlic are all over the place and it’s really good fried rice.
There may not be many fried rice with such a large portion. Anyway, it’s delicious.
I wonder if they have dragon fried rice for lunch too. It was a fried rice that impressed me a little bit as much as the dumplings.

thank you very much (for your hospitality)

The dumplings are excellent, but the fried rice is also very good.
I can see why it is so popular. Anyway, the garlic is very effective, so if you have an important meeting the next day, you might want to be a little careful!

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