A visit to Matsuya’s new form of dining room, “MyCurry Diner”

MyCurry Diner

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Matsuya was located in Akasaka. It’s been under renovation for a long time, but suddenly it’s changed to “Micah Lee Diner”! Matsuya has a good reputation for its curry, so we have high expectations for a curry specialty restaurant affiliated with Matsuya.


The basic structure is Matsuya itself, but the interior is stylish in many ways.
The clothes the clerks wear are more stylish than those of Matsuya. Maybe it’s your mind. After ordering at the ticket machine, the screen appears on the upper display if possible.


cheese hamburger omelet curry 820円

hamburger omelet curry 720円

curry with a pork cutlet and omelet 820円


There are also cutlet curry, beef curry, stewed beef curry and chicken curry. There are many curries that look delicious, such as fried shrimp curry. This time, I went with an omelet curry. After choosing this, there is a screen to choose the spiciness. It was a machine that could do anything from cash to watermelon to paypay.

Omelette Hamburger Curry

After waiting a while, it’s ready to go.

It looks yummy! The hamburger has a retort-like feel to it ^^^


A bite of it is usually delicious. I tried to be spicy, but I don’t think it was that spicy. It doesn’t have a lot of spice, but it has the image of a rich, European-style curry. It’s so good it will make you jump! Then, of course not, but I want to eat it! It’s a very good omelet curry that you can eat right away. I guess there must be a lot of demand for omelet hamburger curry because it’s a menu you can’t eat unless you go to a Western-style restaurant.


It’s great to have a curry shop that you can quickly go to when you’re hungry. There are a lot of gyudon (beef bowl) restaurants, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a mikaree diner^^^. I’d like to try a different kind of curry like fried shrimp curry or soup curry next time.

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